Morcheeba - Gained The World
Album Review

Morcheeba – Gained The World

Whilst some bands chose down-tempo to reflect the darker side of life, Paul and Ross Godfrey of Morcheeba prefer to reflect its relaxed, soulful vibe. This is evident again in their latest single ‘Gained The World’.

French singer Manda, another Myspace find, provides the mellow, but rich tones to this track. Her voice is delicate and has just the right emotion to evoke a response from the listener.

The lyrics are a little cheesy, mainly revolving around ‘I’ve gained the world and lost my soul; maybe it’s coz I’m getting old’. Not groundbreaking, but Manda’s voice and the overall pace of the track allows it to flow smoothly.

The Godfrey brothers seem reluctant to work with a regular singer recently, but after discovering the talent that is Manda, who knows, they may have changed their minds.

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