Rambo and Leroy - Last One Standing
Album Review

Rambo and Leroy – Last One Standing

Having attracted the attention of New Order and Alex James (who have each collaborated with), Rambo & Leroy are a new star above in the Manchester skies and they’re all set to shine with their single ‘Last One Standing’.

Typical Manc’ attitude oozes throughout the vocal which is accompanied by some sublime, accentuating Doves like instrumentation. The tracks accessible construct makes for easy swaggersome dancefloor action, you know, like it should. It oddly reminds me of Adamski/Seal ‘Killer’ too.

Flipside ‘Oceans‘ takes a more grounded acoustic approach that, along with Doves once more, effortlessly summons the spirit of Coldplay with a more emotive, focused vocal delivery. And whilst its simplistic self could perhaps dare to dream of venturing into realms further afield from the somewhat unadventurous construct, the outcome is pleasing to say the least and a sublime bit of keyboard towards the close brings a sense of trust and expectation to what should be a spotlight hogging band of the future.

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