Winona - Without You
Album Review

Winona – Without You

Winonas debut single ‘Without You’ serves well as a reminder as to the sheer quality of their (a Craig Armstrong incarnation along with fellow Scot Scott Fraser, Lucy Pullin and Laurence Ashley) LP ‘Rosebud’. The atmospheric allure produced by a Beth Gibbons lead The Flies is something near the mark of what’s accomplished with this undeniably attractive band.

The title track is accompanied by a Dark Horse remix that stirs the sounds of Lil’ Louis and their timeless filthy classic ‘French Kiss’ as it goes on its somewhat lacklustre way and the laid back ‘Rosebud’, a track that, in a not trying to be clever kinda way, gets does more done by doing a whole lot less. All in all, this is a great introduction to a vintage synth’ powered Winona.

Hulk fans should take some interest to know that Craig Armstrong has contributed with the score for the movie too (cheers Ant, fascinating stuff).

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