Dr John – The City That Care Forgot

Dr John’s new offering is based around a variety of topics including New Orleans, US politicians and the planet. However the majority is about his beloved NO and how it’s become a forgotten city. Bringing in a roster of stars including Eric Clapton and Willie Nelson the good doctor keeps his music strict to his roots and is a mix of blues, jazz and boogie woogie.

Dr John doesn’t rest on his laurels on this album and isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers with his no holds barred uncomprising views and outspoken lyrics. His views on New Orleans are pretty honest and heart-felt with ‘We getting there’ which explains the fight of the man in the street trying to ensure he can put a roof over his families head whilst voicing his anger as to how the government has shafted his fellow people. Following a similar pattern is ‘stripped away’ whilst old ‘slow hand’ treats us to a sub-layla guitar riff.

The lyrics throughout are the main focus and I found myself paying more attention to this than the actual music. Ok, its basically a polemic attack on the government and their lack of support for a city that he loves but I found the music quite pedestrian and the pace hardly gets above a trickle albeit a tasty horns section on ‘my people need a second line’. On the plus side the sentiments of the album cant be faulted and the honesty of the delivery is clean and tight. Whether this album will bring in an army of new followers only time will tell.

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