Operahouse - Diane
Album Review

Operahouse – Diane

A dreamy almost shoe gaze-esq opening to this song sets it in good stead, and one could almost be forgiven for believing this to be something that surfaced from the early nineties indie-pop scene. But this lasts for a mere six seconds until the overlapping guitar and uninspiring drum beat starts to roll. Then we are greeted with a voice that simply bares too much resemblance to Johnny Borrell. However as the song gains momentum it starts to show signs of promise, almost glimmering at stages, as Johnny Lloyd’s voice eludes the previous indications of Borrell. But almost as soon as they seem like they might redeem themselves they once again fall victim to a murky, generic sound.

Lyrics about “Miss Piggy” seem to immediately affiliate them with the young carelessness, naivety that is often associated with such bands as Los Campesinos! A band of which they are not a million miles apart, yet they are somewhat lacking in comparison. Whereas Los Campesinos! seem to take us on an adventure, Operahouse merely meander through half a tale. The result is an ultimately confusing song. Background vocals of “La la’s” sound so unnecessary and flat; and although there are very brief moments of promise, the end result is simply a misdemeanour.

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