Them Is Me - Demon Rebel/Let The Sun
Album Review

Them Is Me – Demon Rebel/Let The Sun

After a drawn out and intense period of song writing, recruitment and much talked about live performances, Them is Me are finally ready for studio release. Featuring ex Reef members Gary Stringer and Jack Bessant, ex Lady Sovereign guitarist Jonas Jalhay and former Bassment Jaxx drummer Nathan Curran, Them is Me have a background that certainly demands attention.The question is, have this rather odd, bedraggled set of out of trend indie misfits managed to come up with something new, powerful and exciting, or are they simply an accident waiting to happen ? In truth, debut double-A single “Demon Rebel/Let The Sun”, doesn’t really provide much of an answer.

On the one hand both tracks desperately lack any distinction, Demon Rebel combines a fiery fast paced punk sound reminiscent of early Feeder, with a classic based rock n roll influence. While, Let the Sun is an inoffensive blend of powerful bitter sweet harmonies and 90’s grunge.

On the other, what this double A side does point towards is that the band are more than capable to producing a solid and authentic modern rock n roll sound. They should really be wholeheartedly commended for not falling into the trap of attempting something self indulgently innovative, and remaining true to their obvious rock n’ roll influences. Yes, neither track provides evidence their forthcoming self titled debut album will launch a full scale assault on the alternative mainstream, but it doesn’t suggest it will be a complete failure either. It seems we might simply just have to wait.

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