Raised By Animals - The Raised By Animals Revue
Album Review

Raised By Animals – The Raised By Animals Revue

This makes for a rather funky EP. It doesn’t quite preach but it certainly comes close. This is also a band that likes to get the rythym of a sing going and cut into something else before leaping back again. There is a lot of fun going on with just what they can do with a song.
There isnt really any song that stands out here. It is if anything like a groovy sneek peek of what kind of album ‘Raised by Animals’ could come up.

It’s music that isnt too over saturated at the moment which will count for something for them. We are also in a genre that is hardly low on figures when it comes to an audience. But they may need that tiny little bit of magic to set them on fire. That is of course the trick when getting the right peoples attention. There is certainley no reason why they wouldn’t be capable. They just have to go write it.

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