Five O’Clock Heroes – Who

Lancashire’s favourite former fat fryer, Agyness Deyn uses her versatile well pitched range to rub against rugged and almost cocky strut of Five O’Clock Heroes mainstay, Anthony Ellis.From a back-drop of rustling percussion a new wave defiance spirited stomp is produced, ‘Who’. Showing that Da Heroes have built upon 2006’s spirited and foraging debut album, ‘Bend The Breaks’.

Naturally, the inclusion of the new Kate Moss, as far as the indie scene is concerned anyway, could be seen by critics as a cheap attempt to raise the profile of this so far, under-achieving outfit attained.

This would be a harsh judgement, given the vocal chemistry betwixt Deyn and Ellis, as the foxy pop kick is embraced by a stern and defiant edge. One thing’s for sure, this lead single will set off an intrigue alarm amongst the indie kids and glamour pussies out there, surrounding the release of 2nd album ‘Speak Your Language’.

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