Sons and Daughters – This Gift

Combining twin vocals from Adele Bethel and Scott Patterson, this ferocious post punk number is a real treat, sounding like a wonderfully enthralling mix of The Clash and their Scottish neighbours Belle and Sebastian. The track alone goes some way towards justifying the hype that has been surrounding this band for a while; their latest and third album is easily their best, with Bernard Butler’s pristine production skills all over it. Hypnotic drumming leads the way, with a ferocious bluesy stomp that is the perfect backdrop for Adele’s angst-ridden, frantic and remarkably sexy PJ Harvey-esque vocals. She has an ability to embed her style and charm into your conscience.

Even the b-side to the single, ‘The Party’, showcases a consistency and fluency that would be good enough in itself to be an a-side. Its dark paranoid sound is atmospheric, wonderfully haunting and reveals a prolific nature to their songwriting.

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