The Brute Chorus - Grow Fins
Album Review

The Brute Chorus – Grow Fins

The Brute Chorus (TBC) and their ‘Grow Fins’ single are nothing short of ace. What’s the sound? Well, er… The Coral meet up with The White Stripes and take on the entire American anti-folk movement.

And whilst I appreciate that’s a lot to process, it’s all I got for you! Rest assured you’ll be pleased at the results.

Flipside ‘Nebuchadnezzar’, for me at least, exceeds its predecessor on numerous accounts, though admittedly it probably wouldn’t attract half as much radio play.

This download release will be available on ltd 7″ (from Bumpman Records) from July 14th too.

It’s all so kickass (to wrap my rambling up). Oh wait there’s more!

Check out their website to see their massive tour schedule, if you can see ’em you won’t regret it.

Check out my interview with TBC by clicking this [link]

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