The Music – Strength In Numbers

The Music (TM) are back! Hurrah! Before this latest wave of scally groups, we had valid bands like TM and The Coral to sneak ‘em in through the back. And now, armed with a sharp, intelligent intensity that puts to shame any of the current day (pretender) champions of the indie rock world, they’re back and delivering the same kind of thrill that only comes with say the first listen of any given widely preferred yet predominantly kickass Primal Scream LP, with this, their ‘Strength in Numbers’ LP.

TM have honed their song writing skills and accentuated the infectious appeal of each track with an execution quality of equal and appropriate measure. The fact that each lyric is included in the CD sleeve suggests some kind of pride behind this shiny new set of tracks. And (perhaps more than most involved) Floods involvement does more than shine from every available inlet with his icy cool trademark imprint. You’ve probably guessed by now that I’m digging this LP, right?

The diversity and dynamic scope on display is surely more than we deserve. Whilst cleverly maintaining an underpinning TM sound between each choral wall of backing vocal, subtly whispered lyric or attitude driven holler, every gear shifting riff, pulsating groove or moment of acoustic clarity entices and allures, so any dance floor disco deviant or rocking out roller out there beware, ‘cause this is indeed the urgency infused schnizzle we’ve all been subconsciously waiting for.

Will it be criminally overlooked and lost, adrift on the sea of mediocrity upon which today’s music scene tends to bob about upon? Let’s hope not hey. And thankfully, the epic, image stirring ‘hidden’ instrumental track (which serves as a late outro to the final listed track) isn’t too well hidden or bound to the same ill, fate given demise. Offering up a last minute flashback to the splendour of any early day Verve jam, it’s a welcome closing addition to an LP that I’ve heard only once upon writing these favourable words… so many complimentary moments of unrealised brilliance lie in wait I’m sure, but with such little time I can at least rest assured that I’ve done my bit to get this album on radar for the Glasswerk faithful.

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