Little Comets - Lost Time / One Night In October - Demo
Album Review

Little Comets – Lost Time / One Night In October – Demo

In ‘Lost Time’ sharp vocals are delivered in unison with tight, funky guitars reminiscent of north east indie pioneers the Futureheads, something that no doubt caught the opportune ear of said bands former manager Scott-Baker Martiff.

A steady drum beat, melodies and lead vocals that prove that high notes can be reached along with subtle but atmospheric keys contribute towards this commendable track from Newcastle based Little Comets.

Their second offering, however, stands out as the stronger of the two demos.‘One Night In October’ has an impact from the offset. At first we are toasted with almost early chilli’s style grinding funk before lead singer Roberts distinctive yelp comes into play and a more familiar but no less admirable sound is served up.

The booming, driving bass and jangly Orange juice-esque guitar riffs accompanied by more than competent vocals will make this an indisputable crowd pleaser. You can almost hear the chanting of dedicated followers at certain intervals.

One night in October seems to be a good representation of Little Comets general musical approach. This is a band who, above all else, sound like they are enjoying themselves. Their music has a genuine, refreshing degree of optimism and energy hugely lacking in the current British indie scene and it will be intriguing to hear what else they can conjure up.

Definitely worth a gander for anyone growing weary of the current monotonous humdrum of the majority of current U.K. indie.

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