InnerPartySystem - Don't Stop
Album Review

InnerPartySystem – Don’t Stop

The comparisons are there to cherry-pick; whether it be Nine Inch Nails or Pendulum, Inner Party System seem destined to have similarities with these bands, due to their mutual dislike for convention and the careful use of electronica in their tracks.
Where Inner Party System seem to differ, however, is the level of care they put into their lyrics and their attention to detail. ‘Don’t Stop’ is no different.

After a tense, electronic intro, the vocals of Patrick Nissley kick in to carry this track well. With a catchy chorus, including the lyrics “I find my way to talk to God, so He can live with what I got…I gave up everything up for fame…Don’t stop.”, you find yourself enjoying this track, but not really understanding why, or if you are happy about it. It could be something to do with the infectious bass line, the clear vocals and the continuous helpings of electronica.

Whatever it is, Inner Party System’s care and attention has paid off; on this showing they deserve a similar success to those peers.

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