Mattafix – Rhythm & Hymns

Well iTunes may have Mattafix listed as HipHop/Rap – But even just a couple of songs in and you realise just how narrow a vision that is – or just plain inaccurate. ‘Shake Your Limbs’ may sound a bit Eminemesque, but ‘Living Darfur’ broadens the canvas into something altogether much more global. Their combinations of ecelectic chilled score with samples that are undeniably french, and there is even room for tribal chant. You may find this on a cruising chilled album forsure – and would be one of those songs that stand right out. A real feel good song that just journeys on.

Proceedings continue on the trip-hop-chilled road with great ease. They make this type of work seem so easy with their simplistic samples. Yet they are so multi-layered and interwoven that it becomes much more.

The overall tone is ultimatley a bright one. There isn’t many dark undetones going on here, which leaves the disc a bit of a bouncey listen. ‘In my Life’ is about as slow and moodful as the music goes.

Please find Mattafix comfortably listed among the Grove Armadas and the Morcheebas of the world.

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