Kaki King - Pull Me Out Alive
Album Review

Kaki King – Pull Me Out Alive

There’s a delicate simplicity to Kaki’s ‘Pull me out alive’ single, and it’s one that strangely comes from complicated elements.

There’s all manner or sounds at play here, Kaki King’s voice being one of the most unusual, with it’s ghost breathing on the back of your next vocal delivery.

The instruments cradling the whispers and moans, aching crystal pianos and echoing acoustics with a percussion that holds the pieces together like a spider web; it’s enchanting and skilfully created.

This all could become coffee table Bjork, but thankfully turns away however and completely escapes it’s earthly sound with ‘Saving days in frozen head’.

The end result on the lead track and throughout is a close, intimate sound-almost at times wandering into abstraction; but still songs you find haunting the inside of your head.

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