Merchandise – Sometimes

Within 5 seconds of the jaunty piano intro to this track, you just know that “Sometimes” is going to be one of those feel good songs that you just have to smile at. Keeping it simple, Merchandise use happy lyrics, “Sometimes I feel like I’m all alone, but it’s alright here with you”, walking bass and subtle drums to create a song that is quite simply cheerful even on a dreary summer evening.

The second track “Glitterati” is in a similar vein only with more guitars, think Badly Drawn Boy only with more chirpy lyrics; “I had glitter in my eyes”. They create that walk in the park everything is going to be ok feeling with a skill that’d make the most hardened pessimist think twice. The only down side is that the tracks are over a little too soon leaving you wanting more. This single is pure feel good pop and makes a genuinely good listen.

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