I Say, Exclamation?

What are your thoughts on double exclamation marks in quasi-formal writing? Personally I find the use of even one mostly abhorrent unless used correctly – which it rarely is. Not that I can speak from a purely correct grammatical background. I just used a hyphen above to be lazy… and often leave a trail of three full stops to indicate a semi-colon.

I just pointed this casually out to Leanne and she swore and told me to write it myself in future. So I have left them in to mollify her and ensure I don’t need to write the editorial in future

Musically something momentous happened last week. Roundabout – the groundbreaking pop beat combo from Liverpool – reformed for a brief jamming session. The band that broke a million hearts and ears were bored enough to pick up instruments and play some classics. Rumours of a come back gig are unconfirmed….

Anyway, if you have any more interesting gossip send it in to the editor and even better if you fancy writing a blog to vent some anger, then again please do contact Leanne our lovely, and not incorrect grammar user, editor.

Meanwhile, exciting stuff on the Glasswerk site this week …. Thomas-Joseph & Murphy, the acoustic duo from Liverpool have been speaking to Glasswerk about their new album “Weary Nights”. We also caught up with Glasvegas guitarist Rab Allen for a chinwag. After recovering from a fun packed Glastonbury weekend, Chris Watson gives us the highlights including bumping into Michael Eavis and Mark Ronson- exciting!! Also we got to have a peak at Glasswerk reviewer Jessica Kempner's o2 Wireless Diary. Ben Rimmer went to Latitude and bumped into the Artic Monkeys who were blending in nicely with the crowd. Live reviews have seen us venturing out to see some of our favourite bands such as Black Kids, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Band Of Horses. And we've got exciting gigs coming up, Mark Morris is out & about during August, Electric Eel Shock are at Magnet, Liverpool on 23 July and not to mention the fabulioso Dickensian Disco. If that wasn't enough we also sent a lucky winner of for an exclusive Dj set with Moby and gave away Zutons albums- we just keep on giving.

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