Exit Ten – Remember The Day

A very progressive well-rounded record that exuberates a youthful, endearing and adventurous sound. The group demonstrate a Deftones-like ability to create amazing atmospherics whereby each song has the ability to fill the whole room and weave its way into your consciousness with its contagious and epic charm.

What no doubt helps this album and sets ‘Exit Ten’ apart from many of their heavy metal peers is its sense of variation but also the fact that amongst this variation and bravery to explore something new is an ever present continuity. Whilst the songs often vary in style there is always a predominance and sparseness to the songs that shines through meaning the album is a great debut and an all round success.

From the opening chords ‘Technically Alive’, to the melodic and deft touch of ‘Perish’ and the epic closure of ‘Something To Say’ Exit Ten have evidently released a benchmark of an album for all up and coming metal bands to adhere towards, it’s fresh and exciting, never veers towards repetition and reveals talent and promise in abundance. All in all a very enticing debut album that is sure to get a ‘buzz’ going, and may well see ‘Exit Ten’ become one of the UK’s next success stories.

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