Liam Finn – I’ll Be Lightning

Mr Finn from ‘down under’ brings out his debut album ‘I’ll Be Lightning’ this summer and shows us what he’s all about.

Before even finding out he was the son of Neil Finn, front man of one of Australia’s finest groups, Crowded House, there was a sound that was sure I had heard before. This information had confirmed it for me, his voice is virtually the same as Neil’s but what a great thing to have, a voice that just calms you down instantly after that rough day at the office.

Of course this album reflects some of the sounds Liam may have grown up with but in particular Crowded House’s latest album ‘Time On Earth’. Having said that there are clear streaks of originality and flair for creating music pure and simply for himself, not making for the masses. It isn’t fair to incessantly compare him to his father and so this knowledge we will keep to ourselves.

The album constantly keeps you guessing just what could be coming next, with the easily greatest tracks on the album ‘Second Chance’ and ‘Energy Spent’ which provide repetitive yet likable and catchy rhythms. Then there are the softer melodies of ‘Gather to The Chapel’ and ‘Lullaby’. There is something for everybody.

This is definitely an album you need to add to you collection. If you crave that low maintenance, subdued yet interesting experimental pop then this is for you.

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