XX Teens – Only You

Would you believe XX Teens have released six singles? I ask because although it seems the band has only recently been getting noticed, it’s not through a lack of trying.

Taken from the album ‘Welcome To Goon Island’, ‘Only You’ is the sort of track that the listener can’t really fault. Not because the lyrics are the best ever written, or because the musicality is unique, but because it’s relatively safe and comfortable and to criticise would be just plain mean.

The track glides along quite contently, only to reach its highlight about 15 seconds from the end. It is here where the crashing drums, guitars and vocals that, although are barely intelligible, are still tuneful, all come together. Its just a shame you have to wait so long for it to happen.

It lacks that desired punch that will leave you humming the tune for the rest of the day; if you can remember any of the tune at all after the first ten listens, you are a better person than I.

Some will fall for this indie disco offering, and why not, it is pretty easy to listen to. But if you’re looking for a track to recall in your later life, this is not it.

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