Cute Is What We Aim For – Rotation

The second album from emo-punk-poppers Cute Is What We Aim For is released onto a vast loving fanbase, and the majority of them will love what “Rotation” has to offer.

There are the same standard emo tracks like album opener “Practice Makes Perfect” and their more poppy moments like in “Navigate Me” which is sure to have their female fans melting in concerts. By and large this album is more of the same seen on “The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch”.

However, don’t write them off just yet, as tucked away in the middle of their safe ground is “Hollywood” with inspiring lyrics and well arranged melodies which come together to make something just that little bit different. More of this please guys!

Not counting “Hollywood”, “Rotation” is a sure bet fan pleaser which might win them a few more. It has also given them a chance to show that their music is maturing with them, Cute Is What We Aim For may well have a lifespan which outlives the emo movement.

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