The Velvet Hearts - Into The World
Album Review

The Velvet Hearts – Into The World

I love this album, it’s absolutely beautiful.
From looking at the album cover, the band dont look like your typical indie band. However from listening to the album, there are some brilliant things.

The first track has the best chorus that really made me sit up and listen to the rest of the album. There are some great chord progressions, with some excellent changes in the style of guitar and drum playing which change the song around a lot.

I tried to find out more about this band, however their website is still under construction. The album is slightly confusing as it has a wide range of genres: Rock, metal, indie, pop, and slight ska edge to some parts.

However they somehow seem to make this work, and in my opinion the album is one of the best things Ive heard this year. The only thing that could be improved is the production on the drums, as at some points it is very fluffy and this makes it quite annoying if you are listening on headphones.

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