Twisted Wheel - You Stole The Sun
Album Review

Twisted Wheel – You Stole The Sun

A punky feisty track, showing everything that we love from Manchester. Gritty vocals, the manc accent and bloody good music. Crazy guitars, frantically strumming as if they’re on fire and the lush vocals of Jonny Brown really makes this track. His colloquial chatty style and with the chorus his screeching vocals are awe inspiring and utterly brilliant. Their energy all throughout the track is impressive and by the end of the song, you’re left exhausted by it all.

‘Let them have it All’ is the live track on the EP and it proves that they still maintain that boundless energy that they have on their studio tracks. Not as good as ‘You Stole The Sun’ but it gives you a little teaser as to how they would be live.

‘Racket’ is even faster than the title track. They never slow down and Brown’s vocals really help to being this ludicrously fast track, together.

The last track ‘What’s Your Name’ is slower than the others but if they kept that insane pace all the way through, they’d have a heart attack from it all.

You can tell that these 3 guys from Oldham Manchester are going to be successful. They’ve only been around for less than a year and they’ve already created a buzz. This EP proves that they have potential and the staying power.

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