Secondsmile – Years

Secondsmile’s recent album ‘Years’ is a fair attempt at something meaningful. There is melody, strings, rock, and a singer who is in bad need of a throat sweet. So far so indie-rock. Their own website tries to deflate comparisons to other bands as lazy. So if you think Muse or other greats that they mentioned (which I didn’t think of) others they don’t mention like Coldplay (yes more like it) then we are just being lazy. Either that or maybe cause they do actually sound like these bands and are clambering onto the shoulders of others making very very similar music which fans of the genre will lap up and feed the cash cow.

That is of course a big insult to a band to accuse artist integrity of being commercial, well maybe if some of these bands actually tried something new then they wouldn’t get accused of it. Or are they seriously unaware of all the bands out there (not to mention the 1000’s that never have made it and never will) that all are making the same sound. New and interesting bands and artists change the face of music by being different first and talented second. Secondsmile have none of the first, and a small dose of the latter.

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