Roll Up… Roll Up…It's The Electric Circus Band

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of The Electric Circus Band, a place submerged into an assured melting pot of influences and styles, with a touch of magic swirling through genres. The music has a distinct and sinister edge, hacking into the sounds of 1960's perfect pop and the raucous punk of the 1970's, flowing through ever-malevolent indie splendor. It's at their live shows where The ECB's catalogue of songs combine to create an immaculate blueprint for movie soundtracks; each set featuring suspense, horror and romance depicting tall tales of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The Electric Circus Band are a three piece from Blackburn formed in July 2006. The band consists of brothers Christopher (Vocals, Guitar, 21) and Daniel (Drums, 18) Davies and Luke Ainsworth (Bass, 20). The bands music is a mix of Indie, Garage, 60's Pop and 70's punk with a keen ear for melody and a twist of psychedelia. The band have developed their own sound over the past two years, and have learnt their craft supporting bands such as The Courteeners, Dustin's Bar Mitzvah, Paul Newsome (Proud Mary) and The Buzzcocks.

Chris and Luke have played together in bands for the past 6 years, however it wasn't until going through a string of drummers, they tried out Chris's brother Dan. “It was a really smooth transisition when Dan joined, silly it didnt happen earlier really! All three of us being so close for so long has helped loads in writing and developing songs, We've always got each other into different music, so our minds work really well together, its always really clear what sound we're going for”

“A Portait of Curious Characters” is the latest set of songs the band have recorded, and the first that they have really come into their own. Produced by Mark Jones at MJM Studios (Goldfrapp, Black Grape, Peter Gabriel) the three tracks are a glimpse into their live shows and show how they have succesfully taken from an impressive array of influences.

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