The Futureheads - Walking Backwards
Album Review

The Futureheads – Walking Backwards

The Futureheads are one of those bands who consistently flatter to deceive. They tend to produce impressive singles (such as ‘Hounds of Love’ and ‘Skip to the End’), and then the album that follows is disappointing. Guess what, they look like doing it again.

While ‘Beginning of the Twist’ made people sit up and take notice, ‘Walking Backwards’ is simply ordinary. Sure, there’s the big guitar-heavy opening which the Sunderland quartet is famous for, but as soon as the underwhelming chorus hits, the early promise evaporates.
Maybe I’m just one of those people who ‘doesn’t get’ The Futureheads, but I can’t see how a band with the talent to produce brilliant indie singles can then come up with sporadically lazy efforts like this which stink of a band often reluctant to put their all into their music.

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