The Sea - Don't You Want Me
Album Review

The Sea – Don’t You Want Me

‘The Sea’ are a two-piece English Band. Peter Chisholm on guitar and Alex Chisholm on the drums. The White Stripes comparisons have been and will be made. There’s a hint of Jack White in the vocal style, there’s the rolling dirty guitar sound, the pounding drums. It’s inevitable.

The forthcoming single, Don’t You Want Me, starts off with a Kaiser Chief’s style ‘do do do do’. It’s backed up with a guitar part that reminds me of Steppenwolf’s Born to be Wild. I find myself moving with the music. That’s a good sign. There are 70’s rock, punk and dirty blues influences in this song. It’s three minutes long, and if you hear it on the radio in your car, you’d turn the volume up. It’s good.

The band are worth catching live, and are currently finishing off their forthcoming album. Time will tell whether they have more to offer than the White Stripes comparisons suggest. I hope they do.

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