Eine Kliene Nacht Musik - Eine Kliene Nacht Musik
Album Review

Eine Kliene Nacht Musik – Eine Kliene Nacht Musik

Henry Smithsons out there experiment seems to end up as background music for discarded electro pop songs from the earliset 80s – or even 70s for that easy matter.

There are some very inspired moments, but sadly like alot of music that perturbs to be dance related they are purely just moments that come and very quickly go. You also feel that some tracks would have been far better justified with a vocalist – not even singing words, but making some kind of human sound.

It is a shame to see noise being made for the sake of it when it doesnt really go anywhere. Synthe purists with be probably be hailing it as some sort of classic, but there is nothing envivourating about this expedition, suffice to say that it starts and doesnt go anywhere fast. And where it does go we have been before – and those places bored the shit out of us back then – there is not retro pleasure in them now.

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