Beth Rowley - Sweet Hours
Album Review

Beth Rowley – Sweet Hours

“Sweet Hours” by English singer songwriter Beth Rowley is the current single taken from her album “Little Dreamer”.

There will be obvious comparisons with the likes of Duffy and Amy Whinehouse. Let’s get these out of the way now. There. Done.

This single, written with Ben Castle (son of Roy), has a nice bluesy feel to it. Beth has a beautifully soulful voice that sings out over a rolling rhythm section, with a tone that belies her 26 years. Part way through the tempo picks up, and this may be brought to the arrangement by Ben, who has previously worked with Jamie Cullum. To my ear, this influence is evident and it’s to the benefit of the song. This building tempo is almost contrary to the less than upbeat lyrics of asking time to not take away from the moment of being in a lovers arms. The lyrics are thoughtful, clever, but easy to overlook as the song is musically strong and upbeat.

I really like this single. I’m not sure I’d consider the English female singer songwriter market to be saturated, but there are certainly current favourites. Beth Rowley deserves to be included in this, and I hope she is afforded the airplay and time that she deserves.

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