Natty – Man I like

At first listening, I thought I was listening to Jack Johnson. The first song sounds just like him, the vocal style the harmonica and the acoustic guitar. However as the album progresses there are more ska and reggae influences.
I love his vocal style and the way it has been produced. The harmonies make a lovely thick texture and make it really melodic.
The lyrics are quite meaningful although sometimes drugs take quite a front line in his songs.

I love the changes of pace in some songs, particularly in track 4 ‘She loves me’. I love the ska feel, it makes you want to dance around and Im sure it would be excellent live.
‘Burn down this place’ is quite chilled out and the reggae drum beat really makes this a great track. I love his lyrics particularly in this track. They weave in and out of the guitar riff and the band is so tight and works brilliantly together. I like the way he moves between speaking and singing.

Natty is touring a lot at the moment and I would love to see this live, as the album has a live feel to it and has a great energy.

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