The Fratellis - Look Out Sunshine
Album Review

The Fratellis – Look Out Sunshine

Okay, first of all we need to accept that The Fratellis will always do simple verse-chorus songs. It’s worked for them in the past and it will work again. Thankfully they are able to provide variations on this theme, meaning that ‘Look out Sunshine’ is not just another ‘Chelsea Dagger’.

There was nothing specifically wrong with the Scots’ biggest hit besides the fact that it is played everywhere and has consequently become the theme song of drunk morons who continue to spread its influence on street corners up and down the country at 3 a.m. Good on The Fratellis for moving on and writing new material which has the same singalong element but without the annoying hook.

‘Look Out Sunshine’ will undoubtedly be another festival hit with its simplicity and its radio-friendly chorus. Expect arms to be waving when they take this single to Reading and Leeds, and who knows, maybe a few lighters will be held up.

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