Teddy Thompson - In my arms
Album Review

Teddy Thompson – In my arms

You’d be forgiven for thinking the first single from Teddy Thompson’s album ‘A Piece Of What You Need’ is upbeat. A solid bit of rhythm clapping sets the tempo for the song, and when Teddy’s rough American voice croaks out, boy it’s hard not to picture yourself at a barn dance in the old mid west. Plaid skirts, bales of hay in the corner, that sort of malarkey. A cracking solo from an electric organ midway through the track, and you’ll be asking for a dance with Fanny Mac, the farmer’s daughter. As Teddy wails out a wolf cry during the final verse, you can almost imagine getting a bit concerned for the welfare of the chickens out in the yard.

Still, you’ve got more than wolves to worry about. Despite the toe-tapping beat and jolly chords, our Teddy boy isn’t really the happiest singer in the barn. Maybe his chickens got eaten. Regardless of any do-si-doing this song may inspire, the lyrics from Teddy’s mouth are almost enough to make you to jump onto your own pitchfork. “It’s a lonely word in my arms,” he says. “Give me an easy way out,” he protests. Cheerfully. It’s enough to take the hoot out of your hootenanny. Regardless of how much apple cider you’ve had to drink.

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