Anthony Reynolds - Bees Dream Of Flowers And Your Summer's Meadow Breath
Album Review

Anthony Reynolds – Bees Dream Of Flowers And Your Summer’s Meadow Breath

The eerie opening of Anthony Reynolds EP is quite enticing. Guest Vocals from Vashti Bunyan almost make you wish it was her work with such a piercing voice. With such a hallowed first track you might expect this work to go in any direction – But as it is – Reynolds is interested in Folk. It is work however that is made dark and brooding over the second track but then a shocking turn into electro rock on the third accompanied by his own male vocals makes you wonder if there was a cock up in the recording of the CD that they had imported.
And with a song singing about ‘Waking up Lesbians’ and ‘Honkey Tonk and Jism’ your mind and eyes pop with how ill fitting it all seems with what has come before. But maybe thats half the joke is that it is on us. You still come away smirking.

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