Rage At Leeds

Woohoo its almost Leeds Festival time. The blagging and scrambling for tickets is over and in two days time I will undoubtedly be Raging Against The Machine, getting Dizzee like a Rascal, marauding as Killers, editing like Editors, ferociously being Tenacious in D, Twisting in Circular motion, surging to Tankian and generally being as filthy as possible; which won’t be hard looking at the weather forecasts. Mind, I am not sure where I will be sleeping yet – one of my camping buddies refuses to share his 4MAN, yes 4MAN, tent with me. Obviously he wants his alone time.

If you are in Liverpool you may be interested to know that we are starting to run the old Club Glasswerk at the very cool venue, Bumper, from September onwards. This is along with is also opening up in sleepy little St Annes at V-Bar from October – we are sure to wake the place. Opening up the Liverpool leg are the lovely Aspen Grove – guitarist of whom has just this week started work here in le office as an assistant. Say hi Kieran. ‘Hi’.
Other than that we have the delectable Mica Paris playing at the uber trendy Proud Gallery (Camden) on Friday, supported by the rising starlet Jessie. Glasswerk going all up market eh?
Not to worry, plenty of low down, sweaty clubs and gigs to bring you back down to earth with… Glamour Of The Kill, My Emergency, Deaf Havana, The Research, The Bishops, Trash Fashion, Imperial Leisure, Holy Ghost Revival… and oh loads more. Have a look in the listings and buy tickets here..

Am sure Leanne will now direct you to some worthwhile reading material so smell me later (after this weekend preferably) Mat

Lucky people there is plenty for you to check out this week. Many cd reviews such as, Conor Oberst, Beth Rowley, Kitty Daisy & Lewis, plus many more to come. If I were you I'd also check out Glasswerk reviewer Daniel Dylan Wray's enthralling feature about his time in San Franciso and his many adventures. This week's Seven Day Spotlight has been taken over by Imperial Leisure – so check 'em out! Also new videos from Santogold and Red Light Company. Worth a nosey I'd say.

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