Michael Franti and Spearhead – All Rebel Rockers

This is a fantastic reggae album. I love the traditional echo effects on the guitar and the keyboard.

The main vocalist is excellent, I love his style of moving between rap and actual melodies.
Some of the songs have quite a modern rock feel to them but they always have the underlying reggae drums and keyboard sounds.

As you go through the album, more and more different sounds are introduced, like different guitar styles and more electronic noises. This is great as it makes each song different, although it means the album doesnt flow as well as it could.

The best track is Rude Boys Back in Town, its the most natural reggae of the album, and has some great lyrics that just bring the spirit of the genre alive.

Some of the tracks have more of a dancehall feel to them, which is great as its got a change of pace halfway through. Some blues influences can be heard which is great to hear, as it brings more of an American theme into it.

I really love the different themes in this album. Its very cleverly produced. They have managed to mix reggae, with western love songs and blues.

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