Holy Ghost Revival – Twilight Exit

Just as I thought the legacy of the Darkness was finished we get Holy Ghost revival literally trying to revive the Hawkins cat-suit.

Armed with as much pomp, bombast and bluster that could sink the US banking system, ‘Twilight Exit’ is ripped to the teeth with all things MOR rock.

If Freddie was still out there he would be lauding it up with this mob, in fact I am sure he’d be looking down over them with a wry smile.

‘twilight exit’ starts with ‘the gospel according to judas’ and is resplendent with a falsetto that the Sparks boys would be clambering to emulate.

However this really stands out against the rest of the album, which basically sounds like a mass singalong of ‘bohemian rhapsody’ albeit it a bit of brass and handclaps thrust into the crystal clean production.

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