Sisters Of Transistors – The Don

You can see what the Sisters Of Transistors were trying to do. Sort of. They’re gothic. Cool. Edgy. The Don doesn’t make their point well. The opening melody, seven notes of ominous synth feel like it’s been lifted straight off a Mario game on the Gameboy. The repetition of this melody throughout doesn’t do the band any favours either.

A violin, presumably having got lost on the way back from orchestra practise, pops up around the half-way mark. It too is reduced to playing a simple melody over and over again. It disappears after getting bored. Later in the track, a deliciously-ominous organ promises to turn the track around. Sadly, it’s reduced to playing the same notes over and over again. No wonder The Phantom Of The Opera hid in the basement. A key change towards the end of the track provides relief akin to going to the toilet after a long car journey.

For four and a half minutes, the Sisters Of Transistors pile on different instruments and textures in the hope of making something half-way listenable. There is a brief bit of singing, but much of it is drowned out by the background music. The only real words you can distinguish is the band shouting ‘People, come on’. All they’ve made me do is dig out my Gameboy from the attic.

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