Black Tide – Shout

‘Shout’ is the current single from the debut album, ‘Light From Above’, by four-piece Miami based hard rock band, Black Tide.

Considering the band is led by 14 year old Gabriel Garcia, and the rest of the band come in under 20 years of age, it would be easy to make some assumptions here, but they would be way off. Black Tide are the real deal; a competent hard rock / metal band.

The single, Shout, consists of a simple, heavy rolling rhythm guitar and some lead guitar breaks that fit in nicely. There’s a good guitar shred solo that doesn’t last any longer than it needs to, and this is refreshing, not showboating a clear talent from a young band. Even though the band members weren’t alive in the eighties, there’s a nod to some of their influences like Maiden, Skid Row, Metallica and Megadeth. I would say however that these influences come out considerably more in the other songs off the album than from this single.

With a vocal style similar to Rob Harvey of The Music, and ZP Theart from Dragonforce, it will be interesting to see what age will do to the band. Currently touring the US with Bullet for My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold, the future looks bright.

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