Captive State - Elmore Grove EP
Album Review

Captive State – Elmore Grove EP

Captive State are an impressive sized octet led by Tom Bootle and Joseph Kennedy. Based in London, they already count Brian Eno as a fan and haven’t even got a debut album put together yet.

“Elmore Grove” is their latest EP and judging by it’s content an album shouldn’t be too far behind. Far from frivolous each song counts up over 4 minutes and they use every second to add to the track giving each a beginning, middle and end.

“Mona” is a somewhat melancholy track, coming across as mostly repetitive and somewhat listless to start with but building up to track with feeling and more than a touch of brass. Making up the other half of their double A-side single which is also out just now is “China White Doll” which is notable for it’s impressive brass content and overall production. The rest of the EP consists “Weatherman” which is an chilling atmospheric piece and “Lost” which is an unexpectedly upbeat number with elements of rock and soul.

Captive State are one of those bands you expect to see on award listing, and are comparable to Camera Obscura amongst others. “Elmore Grove” is an experimental collection of songs which all have an element of vulnerability to them and while it might not be in the popular taste there is no denying the quality of the work they produce.

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