Stereo Mc's Chat About Their New Album 'Double Bubble'

The Stereo Mc's are back, it's been three years since their last album Paradise. So Glasswerk reviewer Lauren Hayes had a little chat with them about festivals, balancing on a swiss ball and of course the new album Double Bubble

1.Your playing a huge amount of festivals this summer, is there any your particularly your looking forward to, or any artist you cant wait to see perform?

Yeah, like Bestival and Melt in Germany but oddly enough some of the low key ones like Croydon turned out real crackers so you never know what to expect. Would'nt have minded seeing Switch, Santagold and the baille funk tent of man records but as usual we had to dash.

2.‘Double Bubble’ seems to have gone in a new direction when compared to your previous work, is there anything specific that’s influenced this?

Yeah—we’ve been djing on the regular all over Europe for a couple of years now and we focused a lot more on present day sounds and the way dance music has regained an attitude more in a rap mentality although the music is club/dancefloor filling–ghetto tech electro baille funk dubstep bassline grime–like a melting pot–and we test drove our prototypes in our dj sets to see where we could improve. Also we've been working with alocal kid–tic toc assisting on production which has helped us to re-educate our vision of music.

3.With your musical career stretching close to 20 years, have you ever found yourselves struggling for new inspiration?

Personally I'd say it was more a struggle for peace of mind which alows inspiration to come through–the path gets no easier and the world gets noisier, more distracting and you find responsabilities increase so a balance in life must be found and achieved.

4.When the festival seasons over, have you any plans for a tour in the near future?

Yeah, some more UK and European dates up to the middle of December–check our myspace for details and updates.

5.I know you’ve done remixes for everyone from Madonna to the Jungle Brothers, and toured with the ‘Mondays in the States, but are there any artists you’d still love to join forces with?

Yeah I'm a big fan of Modeselektor, Duke Dumont, Sebastien(ed banga), Santagold and Damien Marley but on the other hand theres a whole bunch of untold stories comin thru myspace that might be worth linking with and definitely not lacking enthusiasm.

6.Your still huge in the ‘Indie/dance’ scene and when you released ‘Connected’ you were thrown into the mainstream. Do you always consider how different tracks will grasp fans of different genres?

Not really–we've always dipped our feet in the melting pot and followed what we was feeling rather than tailoring our sound to suit a crowd.

7. With the popularity of websites such as Myspace, Facebook and above all Youtube on the rise, are there any underground bands that have caught your eye?

Yeah an electro band called Bandit-a track called Rature i found on the fairtilizer blog.

8.There’s been a long wait for ‘Double Bubble’ since your last release ‘Paradise’ in 2005. What’ve you been upto?

Apart from the obvious things I've been learning to balance on a swiss ball.

9. Have you all got a favourite track on the new album, or are there any that stand out?

They're always changing but today I'm thinking of 'Pictures' and the secret track called 'Changes'.

10.And lastly, for anyone who hasn’t heard it yet…is ‘Double Bubble’ worth the wait?

Some have told me they turn out the lights and get turned on by our cd and it makes them fly–as long as we can spread love its worth it bro.

The new video for the forthcoming single 'Black Gold'-released 15th September- is up on the website. Check it out!

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