Natalia - Perfect Day
Album Review

Natalia – Perfect Day

The slow melting R N’ B/Pop feel good vocals of the calming, but stern Natalia gives this warm A-side heart and, it does not appear to compromise on sincerity either. Delivering a positive seize the day message for the Original Mix, she harnesses the slow tingling backing and her rhythmic pull to provide for a relaxing and care abandoning mood.

In steps Florida based rapster, Kaliba Motes to grit out the smooth base of our host, as low-key gnarl mixes with positive thinking like Gin & Tonic. He helps to produce a version of the track that rubs a streetwise kick against a heavenly stroke and it works quite well. Natalia has chosen her guest well, providing a good contrast to the main track that uses her own vocals only. Whether you want feel-good indulgence or a bit of an attitude kick, it is set out for you with this life praising single.

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