Davina Robinson -
Album Review

Davina Robinson –

Davina Robinson was born in Philadelphia and now lives in Osaka, she has been playing to audiences there for some time with a mixture of covers and originals and has used the experience to write her own rock n’ roll soul tracks.

Davina Robinson has a powerful voice that lights up each song with feistiness that so often doesn’t come across from vocals alone although her voice is slightly lost compared to the rather loud instrumentals in the recordings available but a little more balance in production could really let her voice take centre stage.

Keeping the topics close to her heart also gives a certain sincerity which comes across in each track; “Conversations In My Head” was inspired by her late grandmother through to “Never Good Enough” which is about her struggles in the music industry.

Davina has already had some recognition, being runner-up in VH1’s Song Of The Year and a semi-finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest and if she continues to produce music like this then her career should continue to go from strength to strength.

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