a day to remember – since u been gone

A fine example of a band who are looking to take hardcore music, which is normally exempt from any mainstream success, and add just enough of a pop sensibility to enable it to achieve some level of radio play.

They tread the line between pop and metal very carefully, yes they have the loud and aggressive ‘roars’ but they are so tame you can almost envisage the skinny little so and so who it came from (gone are the days of big macho men with shaven heads top to toe in tattoos screaming away like there’s no tomorrow). Step forward the new; skinny jeaned youth with black fringe swooped to the side. You know the type and no doubt you also know they annoying little whine and self pitying lyrics such as ‘since you’ve been gone, I can breathe for the first time’, oh just grow up.

The track itself is just more of the same Fallout Boy esque drivel that will no doubt be on the soundtrack to the next big American teen movie. Heard it all a thousand times before, sadly though there is a very strong market for music like this at the moment, hopefully it wont be long before its followers sit up and take note of how monotonous, comfortable and unappealing this is to any real fan of creative music

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