gym class heroes – cookie jar

Gym Class Heroes.

I’m never going to write to favourably about a song that uses the temptations and perils of dipping your hand into a cookie jar as a metaphor for being swayed towards cheating on your misses with sexy Latinos.
‘I wanna be faithful but I can’t keep my hands out the cookie jar’ and ‘I’ll never turn down some oreo’s if you’ve got some’ blasts vocalist Travis, and it’s already somewhat clear that the New York hip hop foursome have hit a bit of a bum note with their latest offering. The group who once successfully blended together an interesting mix of invigorating hip hop with sublime ‘indie’ guitar hooks in the vein of NERD appear to have run out of ideas if this a sign of things to come. The once present promising and exciting ideas are all but gone and in there place is a very formulaic and repetitive albeit fairly radio-friendly song that if anything is nothing short of an embarrassment.

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