The Feeling – Join With Us

The Feeling are certifiable. They must be. Title track from their second album ‘Join With Us’, this track smacks of the work of a mad man. It begins harmlessly enough but as the song kicks in, you can’t help but feel that this is what it would be like if someone injected sunshine into your eyeballs.

A Blur-esque couple of verses, a couple of power chords nicked from Queen’s back collection. There’s a harpsichord in there somewhere. It shouldn’t make for a good song. I’m not sure if it does. It doesn’t matter though; you’ll be swaying your head like you’re a choir boy in a Texan evangelical church. ‘Come with us and we’ll take you away’, screams singer Dan Sells. It’s probably not the first time The Feeling has heard the phrase.

Clocking up at nearly five minutes, it’s hard to find fault with this song. It’s not that it’s the second coming for music and there’s the strong possibility it’s just rubbish. You can’t tell; it’s such a mess, with a collection of genres squashed together and coated with ice cream, that it’s hard not to like it. As your senses are pelted with its feel-good sentiment and the sheer ridiculousness of it all, you can’t help but submit. Maybe there’s an underlying hypnotic track. Play it backwards and it’ll probably tell you to burn things or something

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