Run Hide Survive - Dyson/Pigeon
Album Review

Run Hide Survive – Dyson/Pigeon

Sonic Youth sneaking in to sabotage a Duran Duran recording with New Young Pony Club hovering in the background to provide the backing vocals, is the vibe created by the synth sauntering duo of Sheffield’s Luke Adey-Rennard and Mike Forest. This is through ‘Dyson’ that flits between thumping and rhythmic and grindingly ambient. It brings you up and chucks you back down just like a Friday night out with Pete Doherty.

AA side ‘Pigeon’, leans more towards a stammering, mid-tempo urban drawl, as the bass pounds like a hangover headache. It is more dance orientated and ups a little in the energy stakes. Matching the buzz that System 7 produced ten years ago. Run Hide Survive are the sort of act that make be as equally happy playing to the indie crew or the dance lovers, or even both at the same time.

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