The Addiction -
Album Review

The Addiction –

The Addiction from Manchester formed in 2005. Instantly they sound like an unkempt Muse as they are a bit edgier than Muse. It’s more Muse mixed with Queens Of The Stone age cira ‘Songs For The Deaf’ era. What I like about this band is that every song has adifferent sound to it. ‘NOJ’ is rock, whereas ‘What She Did To Me’ is a little more lighter sounding- although maybe not lyrically as the last line is ‘I m sorry that I said I will chop off your head’. The songs aren’t so different that your left wondering what your listening to but just enough that it doesn’t sound samey. Their lyrics have a dark, edgy feel to them.

The Addiction are not your average indie/ rock band, but if your into Muse, Radiohead and they even have a little bit of the theatrics of Queen about them- then this is for you. This band is definitely one to watch.

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