This Is Radio Freedom -
Album Review

This Is Radio Freedom –

London based five piece This Is Radio Freedom mix together punk, electro, disco, rock n roll and hey lets throw in a bit of psychobilly for good measure. This may seem like an eclectic mix but it certainly works. They have supported Alabama 3 on tour and were recently asked to headline the NxNE closing party.

Now quick history lesson… Radio Freedom was unsurprisingly a radio station. It was used during the anti-Apartheid stuggle during the 70’s – 90’s. A number of people including Winnie Mandela credit Radio Freedom as a significant factor in the fight against Apartheid. Broadcasts came from different radio stations, however the trademark introduction was machine gun fire followed by something along the lines of ‘ This Is Radio Freedom, the voice of the African National Congress…’

This reference hasn’t been directly mentioned on the band’s networking sites, however the fact they are called This Is Radio Freedom and have song titles including ‘ This Is Radio Freedom’ and ‘Bombthreat’, suggests a link and that this may be a more socially/politically concious band than some of their candy coated contemparies.

The song ‘This Is Radio Freedom’ opens with the gunfire trade mark introductions of Radio Freedom. It is literally like you’re flicking through radio station with interjections of speeches- yet strangely is not annoying but quite impressive. Either way this band work because they are different to so many other bands –they are like a breath of fresh air. But most importantly have the ability to back it up.

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