Lovvers New Video 'Human Hair'

Lovvers debut release with Wichita comes in the form of a 7 song CD/LP entitled ‘THINK’, released on September 29th. Clocking in at just under 13 minutes, it gives you the perfect amount of time you need to piss off your boss, quit your job and throw out those shitty records you keep getting told to buy.

Great bands do not gain popularity, develop musically or give you what you want; based nowhere and residing pretty much everywhere Lovvers is compromised of four ambitious nobodies; that have tellingly appeared at a moment in musical history that can only described as a yawning deluded mess.

Two years in and having trawled the UK time and time again, playing nearly 200 shows and sharing multiple gigs with bands like Butthole Surfers, No Age, Times New Viking, Jay Reatard, Awesome Color, Mika Miko, Fucked Up, Black Lips, Brutal Knights…

Lovvers are a strange mix of music’s forgotten / blank generation, re-calling the spirit of Darby Crashes' Germs, the weirdness of Flipper, Wipers style pop and the careless attitude of The Replacements; at one show a girl was so confused / annoyed that she wrote to KERRANG! describing this music as highly offensive, wanting to erase them from her mind.

Having been written about or featured in most major magazines, it appears the select few have largely missed the point of Lovvers.

Maybe it’s because they have no idea of their context or the idea of this music isn’t anything they’ve experience directly? Instead they continue to focus on the bands stunning good looks and hair colour, for this select group of writers music has to be defined to a style or pigeonholed with a brand.

After the release of four noisy and highly questionable 7inchs (three on the Jonson Family record label and one a 4 way band split release on OIB records) the band are now pursuing a career with the shady folk at Wichita Recordings

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