Barefoot Confessor - Proud Galleries
Live Review

Barefoot Confessor – Proud Galleries

New London band Barefoot Confessor seem to be on the tips of a lot of people’s tongues right now. They don’t profess (confess?) to being part of any scene, they’ve just quietly got on with doing what they do best, penning excellent songs. Recently they have begun to air these tunes with a series of high-profile shows and the reaction has been immense.

One of such shows is their recent performance at the fashionable Proud Galleries in Camden, as main support to Sony BMG signed South African act The Dirty Skirts. It’s incredible how in such a short time, word has got around about this West London 4-piece. There must be nearly a hundred there to see them, and these aren’t just friends and family but genuinely interested folk who have caught them by chance at previous shows, or through their myspace page.

Glasswerk later catches up with the band, their responses to a Glasswerk grilling are also on [link], but in the meantime we take a look at their live performance. Barefoot Confessor launch into what is clearly a crowd favourite. Hustle Bustle is an upbeat little nugget with hooks aplenty, which showcases basically all the positives BC possess – vocal range, savvy lyrics, a fine melody.

Singer Michael clearly has no problems addressing a crowd, either through his songs or through verbal dialogue with the crowd. Forthright in thoughts and opinions, it makes a change from the average indie frontman who mumbles the name of the next song into the mic. Lyrically, he is head and shoulders above many of his compatriots. Sure there are simply mapped out love songs, such as the Beatles-infused He Doesn’t Love You, but Barefoot Confessor more often than not offer a social commentary on the lives they lead and the locations in which they live them. People Today is a very upfront personalised view from the perspective of Michaels own ethics and beliefs while Camden Road details, with a certain wicked sense of humour, a generalised summary of a less-desirable pocket of London. Isabella is just a great big hit, ‘nuff said.

Barefoot Confessor are clearly enjoying exciting times. Radio interest, major label interest. Lady interest, they’re just lacking bank interest. But their stock can only rise, and will perhaps soar after their biggest show to date on October 23rd, when they support Imperial Leisure at The Scala. These guys are soon to be your best new band and your best new friends. Don’t let them down

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